Service Features

  • Promoting Student Academy Success through analytics (localized and worldwide)
  • Monthly instructor professional development session
  • Proactive Support Calls
  • Discounts on training through our integrated Instructor Training Center
  • Discounts on attendance for annual conference
  • Access to Netlabs equipment
  • Assist in ordering and setting up new lab equipment and curricula
  • Pedagogical support
  • Assistance in navigating and finding Instructor Training Centers and other information
  • Keeping you informed of up to date information on the Academy Program
  • Assistance in finding and applying for Grants
  • Assistance with on-boarding of new and reorganizing academies
  • Communication up and downstream to Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Training for academy administrators and instructors
  • Quality control for the Cisco Networking Program and the Cisco name
  • Assistance if an academy loses its instructor, staff, or administrator
  • Value added academic partner for Cisco promoting and marketing the academy program.
  • Your primary interface to the state education department and the ICT industry for the Cisco Networking Program

We will provide you with:

  • Increased quality of programming
  • Professional development
  • Plans for student growth
  • Recognition of your program

Each local academy must  select an ASC that will:

  • Assist in monitoring your program
  • Increase the quality of your program
  • Increase student success