This and other difficulties could stop you from teaching your students effectively.  If you are having these issues, or are in need of any other assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us for your support needs.  Please click the link below to create your personal support ticket!

We can help in:

  1. Help transfer your academy to be aligned with our ASCP
  2. Pedagogical Support
  3. Assistance in on-boarding new academies
  4. Keeping you informed and up to date on Cisco equipment and curriculum
  5. Assistance in ordering and setting up new equipment
  6. Assistance in finding and applying for grants
  7. Quality control for the Cisco Networking Program and the Cisco name
  8. Assistance if an academy loses its instructor, staff, or administrator
  9. Value added academic partner for Cisco promoting and marketing the academy program.
  10. Your primary interface to the state education department and the ICT industry for the Cisco Networking Program

Click here for support